World Woman Leading Change

World Woman Leading Change Woman Leader International Network Proudly I dedicate this book for my mother who raise me alone as single parent Princes RA Tety Yulianty. We dedicate this book for all mothers sisters wifes and all woman in the world to stand still on their believe, RISE always, stand little TALLER on whatever you doing. For all the man and children to be supportive always of your woman. Your story will empower another woman because generation and future of your children is in your hand Mother Leading Change Real estate leading change Education leading change Technology leading change Media leading change Beauty leading change Mining leading change Finance leading change Indonesia Malaysia Singapore Vietnam UK France, USA, Kenya Sharing their lives journey of ups downs in life to achives their goals as their amazing jouney to LEAD INSPIRE and CHANGE nominate and curate hashtagentrepreneurship hashtagmedia hashtaginnovation hashtagfinance hashtagne