CURRICULUM of Associate/Certification Degree

In the initial phase, Associate/Certification Degree focused on the property industry first, then later entered into the financial and banking industry. Property education held by Associate/Certification Degree consists of 3 levels of education divided into educational schemes:

  • Basic level
  • Intermediate level
  • Advance level

Of the three levels, the “Associate/Certification Degree” have prepared the curriculum that is structured as follows by adjusting the school participants and the final targets that will be achieved when they have completed their education at “Associate/Certification Degree” For this reason, the curriculum from all three levels is as follows:

1. Basic level

The curriculum: One Day Seminar 1/2 day 1 month 4x meeting. Level 1 “Associate/Certification Degree”

  • 1. Introduction of property business
  • 2. Types of property business
  • 3. Businesses related to property
  • 4. The basics of selling
  • 5. How to find property buyers and sell property
  • 6. Closing selling & maintenance.

This level will last for 1.5 months in 6x meetings. Only opened 2 classes

2. Intermediate level

Curriculum: Level 2 “Associate/Certification Degree”.

  • 1. Property business
  • 2. Property organizational structure
  • 3. Finance in the property business
  • 4. Technical in the property industry
  • 5. Marketing and sales at the property
  • 6. Business development on property
  • 7. Permits related to the property
  • 8. Sources of funding in the property business.

This level lasts for 2 months in 8x meetings. Only 1 class at the beginning

3. Advance level

Level 3 “Property & Bank School” curriculum

  • 1. Property business
  • 2. How to make a business plan for a property business
  • 3. How to submit and negotiate funding in the property business
  • 4. Problems that exist in the business property and solutions.
  • 5. How to assess property
  • 6. Principles in buying and utilizing property

This level lasts for 1.5 months and is conducted in 6x meetings. 1 class at the beginning

Note: special level 3 will be made a feasibility study in determining graduation. While for level 1 and 2 GPBTC will help channel the work to the developer:

In addition to designing a curriculum that is ready to use, “Associate/Certification Degree” also choose instructors and selected teaching staff. Not only have long experience as practitioners, but also selected to have the capacity and capabilities needed and adapted to the material they will bring. The following are instructors and instructors of “Associate/Certification Degree” managed by GPBTC.