The quality assurance or accreditation based International Programs and Kemenristekdikti Republic of Indonesia. GPBTC ( Global Property Bank and Technology Centre ) is the institution of distance education used International programs and has been accepted by the database of online Kemenristekdikti ( The Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education)  below link formal homepage :


List of Study Programs

1 Doctor of Philosophy in General Management
2 Master of Science in IT and Multimedia
3 Master of Business Administration in Real Estate
4 Master of Business Administration In General Management
5 Bachelor of Science in IT and Multimedia
6 Bachelor of Science in Art and Design
7 Bachelor of Science in Real Estate
8 Real Estate
9 Banking Technology
10 IT and Multimedia
11 Art and Design
12 Psychology Studies
13 Management and Marketing Management

During this time in every month there are about 200-250 overseas graduates who make equivalent diplomas. Of course the Directorate General of Learning and Student Affairs needs to make system improvements so that this process can be done easily and can be done in a short time. Several system changes have been made, including determining the status of online equivalency where users are no longer required to make equivalent if there are graduates at the same level and the same study program has been synchronized. Various Standard Operating Procedures (VSOPs) have been developed and enforced so that the evaluation and equalization process can be measured.

In order to realize various inputs from both users and partners, the Directorate General of Learning and Student Affairs launched a new system, which is the registration of online diplomas online. This system is developed so that the time needed to make the process (registration) of equalization can be shorter, because overseas graduates can make the registration anywhere via the internet.

We hope that this new system can be fully utilized by users to provide maximum benefits. We also thank you for the help that has been provided by various parties so that this system can be launched. Feedback and suggestions from all parties we hope so that we can continuously improve service through system improvement.